6 Ways To Clean Your Old Carpets At Home

The usage of carpets is great and extensive and it cannot be denied. Carpets come in all shapes, designs, patterns, and sizes to give a beautiful appearance to your home. Many times, people think about the cleaning of old carpets. Want to Clean your old carpets at home? Are you looking for ways to keep your carpets clean? If yes then follow these steps ways-

Clean Your Old Carpets At Home

  • Vacuum clean the carpet

On your carpets, specks of dust get accumulated that make them look dirty and dull. So, all that you need to do is to do vacuum cleaning. Make sure to do this on a regular basis to avoid dirt accumulation. A vacuum cleaner also helps to remove all the excess dust and dirt which got stuck inside the carpet. Along with this, do effective vacuum cleaning of both sides by flipping the carpet. 

  • Use vinegar and baking soda 

If you want to clean your old carpet then for effective cleaning try using a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Baking soda can also be used for professional carpet cleaning and keeping your carpets clean for a longer time. To make the mix, you need to pour some vinegar on the carpet and then sprinkle baking soda all over it. So, leave it for an hour and then clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

  • Blot the stain

You can also do spot cleaning to Clean your old carpets at home. In this method, you need to prevent the moisture and spills from the carpet from spreading. if there is any spillage on the carpet, try this method immediately. Use a paper towel to remove the excess amount of spills and do the proper cleaning of the carpet. 

  • Use gentle and mild shampoo

If you’re an old carpet at home, try using a mild shampoo that shows immediate effect. Make sure to use mild shampoo as it keeps the softness of the carpet intact. Fill a bucket with shampoo to make soapy water and then pour it onto the carpet to clean it.

  • Scrub when there is excess dirt

There are times when you’ll get to see dirt and stain on the old carpets. To Clean your old carpets at home, use a scrub gently on the stained area. Make sure you’re not harsh while doing so as it might affect the fabric and color of the carpet. 

  • Keep in sunlight

To keep the dust off your carpets, you can try this method. In this way, you can get rid of excess dirt and dust just by keeping the carpet in direct sunlight. Keep flipping it for both sides of sun exposure.


Old carpets require deep carpet cleaning as they have been in use for many years. For cleaning the carpets, you can try out these above mentioned carpet cleaning Hobarts which are quick, easy, and effective. These ways are perfect to Clean your old carpets at home using simple ingredients of your home.

Seeing any stain, especially oil is a nightmare for any homeowner. Homeowners buy expensive and delicate carpets for their homes to enhance the overall interiors. But, these stains ruin everything. One of the most common stains on carpets is oil which requires some extra effort in cleaning and stains removal. Hire a carpet cleaning company to get the stain free carpet and carpet look new. 

Remove Oil Out Of Carpet

If you want to Remove Oil Out Of the Carpet then these tips are just for you. Check them out in a detailed manner-

  • Make use of talcum powder

Removal of oil spills and oil stains from the carpet is always a challenging process. But it is important to get rid of them to prevent the spread of stains on the carpets. One of the best ways that you can try to Remove Oil Out Of carpets is by using talcum powder. Yes, you heard it right. 

Talcum powder has excellent oil absorbing properties which make the entire cleaning and stain removal process easier. So, for this, all that you need to do is to sprinkle any of your talcum powder on the stained area. Make sure you have covered all the oil stains with talcum powder on the carpet. Now, carefully remove powder from the carpet using a vacuum cleaner. This will lighten the oil stain from your carpet to a great extent.

  • Try baking soda

Baking soda is yet another crucial tip that Removes Oil Out Of Carpet if there are stains on it. Baking sodas also have the same oil/liquid absorbing property which makes them suitable to be used as a carpet cleaner. For this, just take half a cup of baking soda and sprinkle it on the stained area wherever you can see oil on the carpet. You just need to leave it for an hour on the carpet and then vacuum clean the entire area. With this, you’ll get to see that the oil stain has lightened a lot. To see effective results, you are needed to repeat this process at least twice a week.

  • Solution of liquid soap dish and vinegar

Another method that can help in removing the oil stains from the carpet is the solution of liquid dish soap and vinegar. The oil stains are a bit stubborn that require some extra effort to get rid of them. Therefore, you can use liquid dish soap and vinegar to remove the stain. You just need to add liquid soap and vinegar to two cups of water and then dilute them. Use this solution only on the oil-stained area on the carpet. After this, use a dry paper towel to gently rub the surface of the carpet. Make sure to try this natural way to Remove Oil Out Of the Carpet immediately.


Oil stains on the carpet ruin the overall look and damage the fiber of the carpet. To maintain the quality and let it last longer, try out these natural and effective tips. These can help to diy pet stain removal with ease.